Ziff-Gulari-Barshad Model in Zacros - Part 2: Lattice structure

Part 2: Lattice structure

The original ZGB model was simulated on a rectangular lattice (coordination number 4). Zacros has this structure implemented as a default lattice, along with a hexagonal and a triangular lattice (coordination numbers 6 and 3). To use one of the default lattices, one has to start the lattice_input.dat with the keywords:

lattice default_choice

The rectangular lattice is then invoked by the keyword rectangular_periodic, which is followed by one real, specifying the lattice constant, and two integers, specifying the size of the lattice. In the following, we construct a 50×50 lattice with lattice constant equal to 1:

rectangular_periodic  1.0 50 50

Thus, the full contents of the lattice_input.dat file are as follows:

lattice default_choice
1.0 50 50

Download lattice_input.dat.